Why I sold my Chloe Faye Wallet on a Chain

Hello everyone, today I decided to come here with a little different post because instead of a product, I'll analyze the decision of going different ways with a bag that I really enjoyed when I got it, but lately was not getting the love that deserved, so I decided to sell it.

The bag in question (as you may already know by the title) is the Chloe Faye Wallet on a Chain, if you want more details about it, you can go to my review from when I got it here.

I had this bag since it came out in fall 2016 in the color Motty Grey, it is/was the smooth leather and suede combination (I think that all that all the Wallet on a Chain comes only in this combination, but I'm not 100% sure). This bag can be worn crossbody, on the shoulder or as a clutch, because the strap is removable.

Chloe bag

To make the story short, when she first came to my home I used a lot, took it to travels with me and become my mandatory weekend bag because allowed me to carry only the essentials. But within around six months of having it, the suede part started to turn a little darker, so I started to be more careful about when and where I use it because I really started to be aware that of the color changing and I didn't like it.

Apart from this, later last year I change my phone to an iPhone+, which inside this bag was practically taking all the space and I could even take a lipstick with me anymore. What made me to never wore it because I do like to put my phone in my bag and even when it fit, was not comfy anymore.

How I was sure, that between this two things I was not going to where it anymore, I decide it put it in Vestaire Collective and it sold super fast, so I hope that will go to a super nice home.

Inner side of Chloe bag
Closer look at chain
Chloe bag
Space for iPhone and powder
Side details
Inner side of cover