Where to Shop for Basics

Hello, hello... How are you? I hope that all is good and autumn is treating you well. For today, how for the winter months we use to buy a little bit more wisely, because we need to think about if the clothes that we are getting will actually get us warn (for more about this I uploaded a post about when I just started my blog), so I decided to do a resume about the best stores for me to get your basics, divided in Sweaters, Jeans and Coats, I will stay in debt of the one for Boots, because this is a feel that I haven't manage yet, still without my perfectly comfy pair with heels.



I have to say, that as a person who didn't grow going into sweater season every year getting to learn how to pick up a sweater that would actually get me warn was a little bit difficult, because at the beginning I'll just go into Zara and get crazy with the huge selection that they have and buy the cutest one for my taste and after walk in the street been cool all the time. And I'm not saying that I don't buy in Zara any more, because if you check my blog you'll discover that I do, but I learn to check the labels to know which amount of each materials contains every sweater.

So I do shave to recommend Zara, because their prices are so difficult to beat in some occasions and you can find some quality thing there regarding this category, but check your labels all the time in the look for a good quantity of wool or cachemir (yes, they do have a cachemir collection).

Moving to another place and the store that inspired me to do this post, you need to go check Uniqlo sweaters, because they have I think the best prices that I have come across in cachemir and wool, you can find 100% wool for 29,99€ and in loooot of colors. Just be aware we are talking about basics, turtle necks, round necks and maybe some other models according the season, but not a shapes and models extravaganza.

One that you probably shop all the time and won't usually take in consideration is Asos, but the Asos White Collection. This is basically a collection of basic pieces redefined, so they have a selection of cachemir sweater with good prices.



Regarding denim I'll just put it out there at once, I don't believe in spending crazy amounts of money for jeans, for me it's the same of they are a 20€ pair of jeans or a 200€ once, if I like it how it fits and feels I'm sold. Because I do expect them to last a good amount of time, but I'm nit waiting for them to grow old with me. Once that stated, I have been loving the Asos Farleigh jeans, I have them in 3 different colors and I won't lie, they still in other washes at my Asos wishlist. 

I know that it's usual to recommed stuff like Levi's and so many other trendir brands, the true is that I don't even remember when was the last time that I got a pair of Levi's jeans, I can remember when was the last time that I went to the shop, because my boyfriend always buys from them, but I don't even try them. Why? I don't know, they just don't call me. 

In the other hand, a brand that certainly calls me is BDG by Urban Outfitters, I bought my first pair of their mom jeans last year and they still going strong, they are supper high waisted and according to the season they come up in different colors. The only down side to them is that they give a lot after you are wearing them, you'll be washing them frequently, or at least I do, for them to be back in shape.



Let's see, the true is that I haven't experiment too much when is about getting coats, I have some from Zara, some from Asos, some from HM and from Mango, probably other random that I'm forgetting, but in the most part that's it. But for this year I decided that I have to get out of my comfort zone regarding this, so I started the journey of searching and investigating to accomplish this. 

And now even tho I do think that Zara's coats are great, at great prices and I do recommend them, I have discovered COS, what is probably the most amazing store to buy basics, I love almost everything in there, and is that everything has this sophisticated vibe. I just loved, but one thing that I would say is that going in store is better than online, I don't know, online is not that inspiring.

The other store that I will talk for coats, is & Other Stories, which is not a place that I would usually call it for basics pieces, because they do have some very interesting and different classic stuffs with fun prints, but regarding coats, they seams to stick to the basics, having great quality materials on them, so check them out, because there prices are very good too.