Styling a Yellow Sweater

Hello everyone and happy Monday... For this post, I decided to style one if the key pieces that we are seeing everywhere this year, the yellow jersey or sweater.

This one I'm wearing in this photos is from Zara and I liked it, because is not a super bright yellow, what makes me feel more comfortable with my choice. My favorite way of wearing yellow is with a blue jean, but to make it feel a little bit more dressy I went for a high waisted black jean instead.

Actually, I do love the combination that I end up with because we couldn't have a more statement outfit than mixing the plaid blazer and the colorful sweater, what in my opinion is a formal combination without being boring. 

For shoes, I did go for black for two reasons, I wanted to wear for the first time my Gucci Loafers and I didn't think that I needed any more colors in the mix.

Yellow Sweater Zara
Yellow Sweater Zara
Gucci Loafers
Yellow Jersey Zara
Gucci Loafers and Yellow Sweater

What am I Wearing?

Blazer: Vero Moda.

Sweater: Zara.

Pants: Asos Farleigh.

Shoes: Gucci.

Bag: Gucci.

Necklace: Cinco-Store.