Shopping for a Bucket Bag

Since a few weeks ago, I have been a little over thinking about getting a bucket bag, because I love how it looks with outfits and the idea of it but is not a model at all that's going to be timeless and stay in my wardrobe forever, and additionally for some reason I feel they are overpriced.

So I decided t go through the bags I have been considering, talking about my pros and cons and showing you my final decision.


1. Nico Giani Bucket Bag (Big one):

Nico Giani Large Bucket Bag
  • Cons: 
    • Haven't seen it in person.
    • A Fairly unknown brand that could be difficult for resale.
    • Don't know if it will hold it's value.
  • Pros:
    • Structure and steady form that I like the most.
    • Internal closure to avoid things falling out.
    • Short fat handle to be more comfortable.
    • Long handle for crossbody and shoulder wear.
    • Tan color for more versatility.

2. Simon Miller Bonsai Bag 20:

  • Cons:
    • Doesn't has a top closure.
    • Doesn't has a long strap.
    • It's the expensives option.
    • Don't know if it will hole it's value.
  • Pros:
    • Very lightweight.
    • Tan color for versatility.
    • Very comfortable handles. 
    • Very interesting handles.
    • Is not structure so is good for traveling.
    • Very popular right now and easy to resale. 

3. Meli Melo Santina Bag:

Meli Melo Santina Bucket Bag
  • Pros:
    • Lightweight.
    • Light and easy to match color.
    • Top handle and long strap versatility.
    • Scratch proof leather.
    • Different looking leather.
    • Has an internal bag for safety.
  • Cons:
    • Loose it's shape when carried by the top handle.
    • Won't hold it's value (already saw it in a resale web for half of the price and has weeks there without been sold).
    • Haven't seeing it in person.

4. Top Shop Bucket Bag

Topshop Bucket Bag
  • Pros:
    • Internal bag for safety.
    • Internal zip pocket.
    • Top handle and long handle for versatility.
    • Chubby top handle for comfort.
    • The cheapest of them all.
    • Structure and steady form that doesn't loss it's shape.
    • Doesn't matter if it doesn't holds it's value.
  • Cons:
    • It's not real leather.
    • Can get a little bit heavy.
    • Looks cheap in person.
Bunkers El Carmel

As you can appreciate in the previous photo, I went for the Topshop option, what is not so much like me this last years (since I haven't bought a fast fashion bag in at least 4 years), but I don't know I feel like this model of bag is not worth the amount of money that a designer one costs and at the same time I wanted to incorporate the style to my outfits, because I really really like it and feel that looks good.

So I decided that I could go for the Topshop aproach and decide if I really like it, to further in the future invest in the real deal. 

Bunkers El Carmel
Bunkers El Carmel
Bunkers El Carmel

What am I Wearing?

Jeans: Asos.

Jersey: Uniqlo.

Coat: Zara.

Shoes: Superga.

Bag: Topshop.