What I Wore and Bought in Milan

Hello everybody, if you follow me on Instagram, you may already know, that boyfriend and I spend the weekend in Milan.

Was our first time there and we took it like a relaxing getaway because was super chilly and super rainy, so we decided that we wouldn't be in heavy tourist mode and instead we would walk around and enjoy the cafe's, restaurants and visiting the stores.

Particularly, I had a couple bags that I wanted to check out because I have been considering them as my new additions to my handbag family (I won't reveal which ones yet because I'm working on a post about my making decision process about it), but no, I haven't buy any of them yet.

Regarding what I did buy, was only a couple things, the first was a super warm, chunky and cozy sweater from & Other Stories (they have a store near the Duomo and it's a big one) and I could not get inside in try some stuff. I have to say that I love it and already wore it haha... I'll probably show you soon on Instagram.

The other thing that I bought was a long coming one and is a pair of Jordaan Gucci Loafers in black (I thought about getting this for more than a year, without even trying them). I haven't worn them yet, so I'll have to report back in another post.

And about what I wore, rained so much, that I only have pictures from one day, so these are the pictures and info that I'm leaving here.



Long Trench Coat
Navigli Milano
Long Trench Coat
Long Trech Coat
Long Trench Coat
Long Trench Coat
Long Trench Coat

What am I wearing?

Coat: Zara

Pant: Asos Farleight Jeans.

Sweater: Asos.

Shoes: Gucci.

Bag: Saint Laurent.