Best Affordable Shearling Jackets

Hello everyone, I'm so sorry for my disappearance in the last couple weeks, I have been traveling and didn't have time to update the blog.

Today I decided to go with a subject that I haven't touch yet and is about coats, but not any coat, only about affordable shearling jackets. Because I know, everyone dreams with having that famous and so fluffy Acne Studios one, that has years and years around, I do too, but for how much I dream, I can't pay for it, so, it will remain a dream in the near future.

So for today, I will share with you the ones that I have been eying in a much, much, very much affordable price tag, but I only have the one that you can see in the photos.

Shearling Jacket Zara
Sora Sandoval in Prague
Sora Sandoval in Prague

What am I Wearing?

Jacket: Zara

Sweater: Uniqlo

Pants: Asos

Bag: Saint Laurent