4 Bags Worth Investing In for Your First Designer Purchase

I know that when comes about getting your first designer handbag is something that takes time, effort and research, and I know too that we can be so tented to get one of the most see, most wanted bags of the season (yes, Instagram worthy everyday, all day). So here me out, I am here to tell you not to, because you may regret it later (when you see the resale value), but the true is, that if your heart screams for that and you can't stop thinking about it, probably is the right decision for you. Without further do, this is my list for your consideration:


Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM

Louis Vuitton is always a good option, because there resale value is excellent and there quality is what had make them famous, allowing then to have price increases almost every year. The Neverfull comes in 3 sizes (PM, MM and GM) and is one of the most iconic models of the brand, having a tote style that will allow you to carry all you need every day (yes, is an everyday bag). This bag has a very reasonable price (for a designer bag), was actually my first (on the MM size) and if you wish to know more about it, you can check my one year review here. Price: Starts at 895€ for the PM size.

Louis Vuitton Speedy

Louis Vuitton Speedy

Once we set that Louis Vuitton is a good brand to invest in, because is durable, resales well and has good prices, we can't neglect probably the most famous bag if the brand, the well know Speedy. This bag comes in 5 sizes (Nano, 25, 30, 35 and 40) and with or without bandouliere, is very spacious inside and always looks chic. Now I won't recommend the Nano size, because is incredible small and for your first bag, you'll probably want to carry it as much as posible. Price: The 25 without Bandouliere starts at 745€ and with Bandouliere at 980€.


Chanel Classic Flap


Ok ok, if you are contemplating on getting your first designer handbag, this one is probably on your list and you are wondering if is worth saving and waiting to get it. My answer to this is yes, because once you have it, you'll see it and always think that is so beautiful, also because this bag is the definition of classic and Chanel bags, as LV ones, always go up in price and if you want/need you'll be able to not lost money or even make some. This bag come in 3 sizes (Small, Medium/Large and Jumbo) and 2 kind of leathers, Caviar Leather (grainy) and Lambskin Leather (soft). With this one, you could considerate go second hand or pre-loved, because with a little research you can find amazing deals. The prices variate usually from country to country but in the Spain Web the Small one is: 3.990€.


Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

Louis Vuittom Pochette Metis

Depending of your personality you may want something that looks a little bit more modern, but that keep that classic vibe. For me this is perfectly accomplished by the Pochette Metis, which for been a kind of new bag for the brand is already been call to be the new classic and is here to stay. This one is not as big or as spacious as the Neverfull or Speedy and comes in only one size but with different leathers and finishes. My favorite is in black because looks a lot more elegant than the cambas one. Price in Cambas: 1.350€, in 1.580€.

The true is that are a lot more bags than this ones out there that you can buy and be a great purchase, but if where me, these are the options that I'll considere for my first purchase. I'm excluding some classics that I look too get someday, like a Balenciaga City because of there resale value that is not as good as other brands, but other brand you can considere is Dior.

PS: This is just my opinion and my personal taste reflected in here.