Top Trends for Summer 2017

1. Matching strips:

In the last years we have been seeing the return of the one print or color outfit, but for this summer we will have it with bold strips, look for it with culottes or skirts, anyway you want it.

2. Pom poms anywhere:

I don't know if this should be called a trend or the new normal for summer, but for sure the return from last year trend will be added to the clothes too. Can be multicolor or unicolor, you choose.

3. As always white:

This for sure is the normal for the season, but as we already saw new and bolder white shirt designs in past seasons, we will have the same with white dresses now.

4. Keep the flowers:

For a trend that's usually reserved for Spring and only little touches in other seasons, the stores are crowded with giant flower patterns in dresses and kimonos.

5. Take out your wide legs pants: 

This one makes me so happy, I love wide leg pants. You can look for then long or in a culotte length and now even on jeans in any color, everything is ok this summer. 

6. Experiment with kimonos:

I know that probably in a lot of places the summer is too hot and sticky to have a kimono on top, but you can bring it with you to the beach and make it your swim suit partner.