Espadrilles: Castañer Review

Today I'm coming at you with my first shoes review ever, this will be about the Castañer espadrilles with a 8cm wedge heel and a lace to tie them on your ankles, these are made of lona and yute and comes with the heel in a dark wash color and a natural light one, mine are the version with the darker heel in beige, but couldn't find the exact one, so here I leave the example with the light color here and the one I have here but in orange. I bought them at El Corte Ingles for 85€ at the end of May for my trip to the Basque Country.

I have never talked in this blog about a proper pair of shoes until today, and I want to start saying that I'm a shoe hater in all rule, I'm never happy with how any, any pair of shoes feels on my feet, I even struggle with being happy with my sports shoes.

If a shoe doesn't create me blisters in my little toe, will do it on the big one, if not there will do it at the back of my feet, if is not at the back, will be at the top and if all that fails, will be at the part where the feet bends when walking.

Now that I have been completely honest about how bad shoes are usually for me, I wanna let you know that I don't understand the fabric of these espadrilles, it robs again my foot leaving it sore and red in the better days and at the worse with huge blisters at the side of the big toes.

The worse part is that I don't understand why, because the sale associate taught me to tie them so they won't move and they don't but even then, a month later they still kill my feet every time that I wear them, even if I don't walk that much. I do want to break them down because I love the look with dresses for the summer, but I'm not sure if I'll win the battle.

I also have a pair from Zara from last year collection that makes me feel, maybe I had to go for the version without heels or the lower one because those are much comfier, but I wanted a higher on for the midi dresses, I feel that it goes better for these and after a lot of hype for Castañer I thought they would be better at not hurting the foot that much. 

Sorry if this review was a little bit negative, wasn't my intention, but I wanted to be honest. So let me know if you'll like me to review another pair of shoes, and you? Do you have them? With heels or without? Is it only me that can't walk on this one or this common?



Castañer Espadriles