How to Look Good Everyday

1. Always style your hair.

Even if you don't feel like or you are in a hurry, you can easily do this everyday, believe me, my hair is very, very curly and I never go out of home without it perfectly done, if I don't have time to blow dry it and curly it, I just go for a pony tale or a high bum, but your hair it's the frame of your aesthetic, so don't for get it.

2. Build your closet based on basics.

I'm one of those persons how when something it's trending, will probably fall for it and get it, but since living in Spain and having to reinventate my style according to the seasons, I have learn the force way, that this end up been pieces that you will use only for a month or two and will later see in your closet next season and just forget completely about them and end up been a waist of money and a part from that will fill your closet with pieces that you cannot wear daily adding time to make your outfits work every day.   

3. Invest in good quality pieces that complement your outfit.

Adding some quality pieces will always make you look more put together, because even if you think that those looks the same as poor made pieces, they don't, usually quality pieces call for attention, even if it is because of the good leather.

4. Invest in some fashionable accessories.

Even if it is better to have a closet full of basics, you should get some pieces that will make your looks stand out, this can be an amazing coat or make a hat, something that you'll be able to add to a lot of your outfits without thinking it too much, because is going to be a complement to it.

5. Tuck your tops or sweaters.

This helps because of two reasons, first because allows you to mark better the silhouette of your body and make your outfit more flattering, and second because even been a super simple and fast step, gives the impression that you took longer on putting your look together.

6. Always balance what you are wearing.

I mean, this may sound logic, but you never know. If you have a big baggy pant wear it with a thigh more flattering shirt, if you are wearing an oversize shirt go for a tight pant.

7. Take care of your nails.

Your hands represent you, when we talk we always move it, so people eyes go focus there very frequently and have then perfectly care shows a lot of self-awareness and that you care about yourself, and believe it, it's something that peoples admire.

8. Make sure to make up at least a little bit.

I'm not saying go all glamour every day, but a little something to complement what you are wearing and in the same as the nails, show that you take care of yourself.

How to look good
How to look good
How to look good
How to look good
How to look good
How to look good

Coat: Zara (F/W 2017)  /  Sweater: Uniqlo  /  Jean: Garota (old)  /  Belt: Asos  /  Shoes: Gucci  /  Bag: Chanel